This program provides intensive and comprehensive training covering all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing and screening to interviewing. You'll quickly become an expert. With this program, you'll gain the ability to identify the best candidates for any job and ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.
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Be an Experienced Recruiter

This program is ideally suited for individuals seeking employment in HR and Recruitment. It encompasses both theoretical lectures and hands-on practical experience of the entire recruitment process.
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Employability skills can assist you in establishing a solid foundation of positive skills and readiness for work opportunities, which can bolster your career prospects. This program is specifically designed for recent college graduates, providing training on general tools commonly used to manage backend processes in companies.

SourceTal positions our clients at the forefront of their respective fields by promoting a strategic agenda

SourceTal is a prominent Placement Consultancy company providing comprehensive recruitment solutions. Our aim at SourceTal is to offer Talent development resources to strengthen organizational skill sets and employment relationships. Placing skilled individuals in suitable positions is pivotal to achieving exceptional business and career growth.

SourceTal specializes in recruiting the right candidates for job placements across PAN India. We match the right candidate with the right position. Moreover, we have efficient staff to manage the job seeker database and ensure prompt responses. Our expertise lies in placements across various fields such as Management, Consulting, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Education, and more.

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