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Since we are in an era of social/digital revolution, it is important that to understand what motivates someone is to work under someone. There is not only the monitory benefit behind an employee to survive in an organization but also the employment culture , quality of job and quality of life the company follows. This is the area where Human resource management system plays the vital role. Since people and the experiences are the assets which leads the organization to achieve its goals, people management also handled in a systematic mechanism.

What Virtual HR Offers?

People management is not the prime focus area of any business owner. All the organization recommended to have an HR personnel to handle the employee life cycle. We should recruit someone with good experience to handle the department efficiently .But it is not affordable to have a full time HR for Startup- before establishing, existing startups, existing company less than 50 / 100 people companies as well. Where we will help you out with our Virtual HR programme ..

Benefits for you: reducing overhead, increasing capability, ensuring legal and people compliance, business continuity, maintaining work focus reduces risk exposure and building organization culture. More than that Promoters/leaders can focus on core focus areas.

How Virtual HR works?

The Virtual HR will be working through the following steps .

  1. HR Audit
  2. Agreement 
  3. Set up HR System & Maintenance

Once the system implemented within the organizations, this can be transferred  to one of the senior staff/management personal in the company Or will be maintained by our team by monthly set visits upon an annual maintenance contract.

Value added  services of virtual HR

As a growing organization , overall development of people matters to reach out the goals. We have designed additional services which can be utilized on requirements.

Organizational People Architecture
HR Induction
Conflict resolution
Statutory Assistance
Performance & talent Mapping
Performance Appraisals
Compensation and benefit benchmarking
Competency mapping
HR Architecture professional hr Cost-effective

SourceTal HR Architects designs and provides the HR Architecture to build your very own Virtual HR department - so that you can FOCUS our efforts on your Enterprise Growth, while being assured of your employee systems and its compliance.

Create and Manage your HR Database and HRMS. Virtual HR Support centrefor speed of response. HR presence for handling people-related challenges.

Your advantage is that you will get professional HR services on moderate costing.

Any organisation which is start up or with less than manpower of 50, it will be un affordable to have a full time professional HR Manager.

With SourceTal Virtual HR You will get professional HR with moderate costing..


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