Identify your Key personnel..

Find the right person for the right role at the right time

Team SourceTal will assist you in search of the CXO Level Candidates to run the organisations…

If you’re looking to fill a key or high profile role, then you might want to consider SourceTal service. We works on  the position is particularly niche or requires hard-to-find skills.

We works for both IT and non-IT Industry
Dedicated Account Manager will provided
On-time closure and back to back support
INDUTRIES consulting Time Bounded

Team SourceTal caters the positions irrespective of the Industries

Consult SourceTal to design the job roles for the key personnel to be hired for the smooth functioning of the organisation

The assignments taken care  by Team SourceTal will be time bounded.

Extra care will be assured by team to speed up the process and close the position on time.


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