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SourceTal offers a wide range of talents across various industries and domains. We also support organizations in creating recruitment strategies to achieve their goals.


IT & Non-IT

SourceTal has assisted numerous organizations in their business by providing the right recruits.


Structuring and managing through HR Architecture - SourceTal serves as your virtual HR.
Looking Job?

A well-designed profile will showcase your potential to get jobs...

Team SourceTal will analyze your current job profile, identify future vacancies, and assist in developing personal specifications, relevant competencies, and Key Performance Indicators, among other tasks.

Evolving Recruitment Practices

Our recruitment strategies incorporate evolving technology to adapt and enhance our processes.

Effectiive Database

Our platform holds a versatile database spanning across industries and levels.

Why Choose us?

Human resources is one of the most time-consuming components.

The Benefits of Outsourcing HR
  • Save time – we focus on the details.
  • Save money – we help protect you from non-compliance issues.
  • Grow – you keep your focus on increasing revenue.
  • Retain control – you keep full control over your employees.

Our New Service


This program provides intensive and comprehensive training on all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing and screening to interviewing. You’ll become an expert in no time. With this program, you’ll gain the ability to identify the best candidates for the job and ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Culture

Top recognised HR consultancy in India. SourceTal wants to partner with organizations who has an intentional growth plan.


Partner to design and execute Talent Acquisition and HR Operations framework through relevant and scalable approach.

SourceTal isn't your ordinary organization, and we don't require you to adhere to a typical work style. It's not just about having a job; it's about pursuing your profession.
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What will be the recruitment/ outsourcing cost

SourceTal operates according to the existing market standards, wherein fees are charged to the client, not the candidate. We offer a free replacement if the candidate leaves within three months. Other service costs will be determined based on the scope of the work.

Is this costly...?

The investment required for live databases is on the higher side. Additionally, we are dealing with an unpredictable product, meaning payment is contingent upon the individual being present at the company during billing. Consequently, the conversion rate is expected to range between 50% and 60%.

SourceTal provides skilled talents within your business domain.

IT Sector Non IT Virtual HR
      • Testing
      • Telecom & Wireless
      • Internet Applications
      • Cloud Computing
      • Retail Financial Services
      • Consumer Banking
      • Enterprise Server
      • Semiconductor
      • Networking
      • Virtualization
      • E-commerce
      • Storage
      • Mobility
      • Analytics
      • Mass Media & Hospitality
      • Manufacturing & Medical Transcription
      • Architecture 
      • Interior designing
      • Services
      • Food & Hospitality
      • FMCG
      • Private Equity
      • Healthcare
      • Education
      • Retail
      • Automobile
      • Manufacturing 
      • BFSI & Automotive
      • Construction & Real Estate
      • Media & Entertainment
      • Start-ups
      • Small scale organizations  (less than 50 employees)
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