Candidates, you should know these 10 things while working on your resume

Your profile speaks about your professionalism when you are considered for a particular job or recruitment offers. This is your face document which will be transferred from people to people and companies to companies . An impressive profile will be carried forward to the next level in the recruitment process. A non -impressive profile may cause you to lose your dream job ,even though you are technically strong. Here are some key points that will help to assess your profile by a recruiter from your resume.

1.Resume or CV

Resumes will be crisp and short- preferable for the technical career so that it will be easily noticed by the recruiter.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) will be elaborated form of resume and used for non technical candidates and the place which demands.


You should choose a standard structure to create your resume. You can refer online for such resumes or can take the assistance of professional resume creators. It should contain Address & contact information, Photograph, Objective, Skill set , Work experience , education background and Personal information

  • Use single font for entire document
  • Properly trimmed and aligned
  • Don’t use too many colors , preferable only in back.
  • Bold the Headings and subheadings
  • Adequate spacing between words and lines
  • Avoid too many pages

3.Address and contact information

Always use local address in your resume, or mention if you are ‘open for relocation’ because this is one of the main factors in recruitment screening. Update all the contact numbers in the resume , include Whatsapp number as well for faster response. Mention in case any DND time set. Email ID is also must, preferably an ID that is not too informal.


Include your photograph on top of your resume. It should be standard one, in formals. This is mandatory for many of the companies.

5.Resume should be Genuine

A resume should contain your story , not someone else’s. You are answerable to what you have written in your profile. Most of the candidates are failing at the critical round of interviews while responding to the non reliable skill set which have been mentioned in the document.

6.Skill set

You can describe the skill set based on the experience on it. Divide the skill set based on the experience. If you are not proficient in certain key skillset, mention that. It will help while screening and Interview.


Your resume document should be have continuity in terms of Education and Work Experience. It is advisable to mention the Employment Gap and Educational Gap with the reason if possible. It will reduce the recruiter’s job in verifying the gaps and communicating with the interviewers and decision makers.It also measures how reliable you are.

Eg : Pregnancy/ medical gap, Non -job, Lay-off, backlogs etc.


Your resume should be updated periodically if you are actively looking for jobs . Make sure you have updated the address/ contact number changes.

9.Owned vehicle.

There will be a sorting criteria which demand by some of the clients, whether the candidate owns a 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler/ Driving license. You can include that in the personal information part and it may be helpful in decision making.


Always create the resume in commonly accepted format like Word or PDF. Word format is recommended , because any minor corrections can be handled by recruiter without reaching the candidate.

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